Cape Town’s growing Dental Tourism – We are Up There with The Best!

Medical tourism refers to the practice of travelling to a foreign country to receive medical treatment. Previously, this was done almost exclusively by those in less developed countries, who would go to countries with larger medical centres to receive treatments not available in their countries, but this is no longer the case.

In South Africa, dental procedures are sought-after by the international community at large. Because of its relatively low cost compared with that of other countries, and also because South Africa is renowned in the fields of dental, maxillo-facial and oral surgery, this country is becoming an increasingly popular destination for those seeking world-class treatment.

There are a large number of registered dental practitioners and dental procedures in South Africa are readily available. Whether the visitor has a toothache requiring a simple filling or needs to have comprehensive cosmetic dentistry done, help is available.

Cape Town is one city that has seen the effects of this trend. The city is convenient to access from both the United States and Europe and has incredible appeal to typical tourists and medical tourists alike. The quality of care is extremely high all over South Africa. Combine this with the lower cost of care, and you have the recipe for a booming medical tourism industry.

All international patients are welcome! Travelling to South Africa for dental work is a great way see our beautiful country. We are located in Cape Town, the hub of the South African tourism industry, where you can easily access the most amazing attractions.

The South African dental profession is highly regulated and regarded. Registration with the South African Medical and Dental council and Health Professional council of South Africa are compulsory for all dental professionals. At Corné Smith Dentistry you can expect treatment comparing to the highest international standard.

Some of the most popular dental treatments done for our international patients are:

These restorations can be done in one visit, and are especially convenient when your travel schedule allows for limited treatment time.

We work closely with a periodontist (specialist in implantology), and we are able to accommodate simple and complex implant cases.

A complete smile analysis can be done to ensure perfect and predictable results. We use whitening techniques, as well as cosmetic bonding to get instant results. To treat more complex cases we use veneers to enhance your smile.

There is still nothing that compares to a beautiful white smile. Teeth whitening or bleaching is done in one session, and gives instant results.

Corné Smith Dentistry, Claremont, Cape Town welcomes all international patients, to see to all your dental needs and if you need any concierges services seen to, we can help with that too!

So when you are in Cape Town on your next visit, pop by to meet Dr. Corné Smith Claremont dental practice and your expert Dental Team.