You need the best smile and the best customer service

We have all had plenty of experience with customer service, be it a good and bad one. Businesses that work to maintain a high level of service for their customers are typically more successful than those that don’t. This is especially true when success depends on building and strengthening relationships, as it does for medical practices. When you need minor or more serious medical care, the last thing you want is a bad experience.

Despite this, many people may choose a dentist without considering customer service. Passion and compassion for patients are essential in the medical world. Your health depends on the practitioners, but they are also clients to medical practices. If you have a pleasant experience with a dentist, chances are you are going to choose the same dentists for your next appointment and overcome some of the anxiety you have had before your first session. 

Some of the factors that add to excellent customer service include full disclosure of the cost of treatments — making an effort to make patients comfortable in the facility, proper time management and follow up communication. When there is clear communication between the dentist, the practice and the patient, the experience becomes pleasant for all parties.

Dentists provide a necessary service and are heroes when you have an acutely painful problem that requires their expertise. Sitting in a chair, while someone uses sharp instruments around in your mouth, is no one’s idea of a good time.

An excellent and reputable dentist will often have a lot of positive reviews from a variety of people. They have precise contact details on their website in the case of emergencies or for additional appointments that may be necessary. And most importantly, your dentist will walk you through the process of your treatment to prepare you and make sure you understand what they are doing and why it is vital for your medical care. 

Corne Smith Dentistry has managed to win the WhatClinic customer service award for six years. Due to this accolade, The practice stands out from the big crowd. When you come in for dental care, you can expect to receive quality service and experience. To book an appointment with Dr Corne Smith or any of the trusted members of the team, contact us today.