Why do we practice slow dentistry?

At Smith and Van Lierop Dentistry, we take the utmost care to protect both our staff and patients. You can be rest assured that we will still strive to provide quality dental care whilst following the most stringent hygiene practices. As an extra measure to curb the spread of any virus or illness and to reduce the risk of complications, we are certified practitioners in Slow Dentistry. Using Slow Dentistry practices, we’re able to give our patients the highest level of care possible.

What is slow dentistry?

Slow Dentistry is a new and innovative approach to Dentistry, which aims to raise the standard of care throughout the industry. Also, Slow Dentistry means that dentists take the time to carefully complete treatment. 

However, Slow Dentistry doesn’t leave anyone waiting – quite the contrary, in fact. Slow Dentistry is a more thorough approach with greater efficiency. The approach helps us deliver outstanding treatment quality, as we take the time to ensure that the patient is comfortable and safe. The four cornerstones of the Slow Dentistry approach are awareness of the patient’s safety, understanding, well-being and comfort. 

The components 

We strictly adhere to the Slow Dentistry protocols and practices, which ensure patients safety. These include:

  • Slower dentistry: We take extra time to ensure that we perform every dental treatment to high standards and that every patient experiences the same excellent level of care. The minimum amount of time that an appointment takes is 1 hour. The longer treatment time ensures that no we take no shortcuts to treatment.
  • The use of anaesthesia: Fully effective anaesthetic is used in the area of the mouth to be treated (if required). Anaesthetic can help ease pain and make patients feel more comfortable during treatment. 
  • The use of a rubber dam: A rubber dam is used for root canal treatments and other procedures where the teeth need to be isolated. The rubber dam helps to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Informed patient consent: The safety and health of our patients remain our top priority. For this reason, we thoroughly explain all procedures and treatments beforehand so you can make informed decisions regarding your health. We’ll also draw up specific consent forms so we can be sure you are aware of any potential risks and complications.
  • Room Disinfection: We do a complete disinfection of the dental practice in accordance with national and international guidelines to avoid cross-contamination (washing and disinfecting hands, dental chair, handles, floor, surfaces etc.).

The benefits of slow dentistry

  • Patients receive a higher quality of care with improved outcomes.
  • We get a heightened awareness of what our patients require. This allows us to anticipate what patients need, thereby reducing anxiety and any “surprises.”
  • We enhance patient safety by reducing complications and risks
  • Increased satisfaction and a better overall experience for patients 
  • Better oral health for more years to come due to a more preventive and conservative approach to treatment
  • Risk and error prevention with fewer complications
  • Patients save money as they receive longer-lasting results

Slow dentistry encourages a healthy patient and dentist relationship, which also allows for more thorough explanations of procedures. Also, this means we have the time to fully take you through your dental plan giving you more disclosure about the processes of your procedures. Slow dentistry doesn’t only benefit your teeth. In addition, our methods provide a calm, peaceful and more enjoyable overall patient experience. If you’re fighting anxiety with each trip to the dentist, our advanced dental techniques are the perfect solution. If you’re interested to learn more about how we use Slow Dentistry to provide a better dental experience, contact us today.  We’ll take the time to explain the treatments in detail.