What to expect on your first dental visit to Corne Smith Dentistry.

Visiting a new dentist can be overwhelming. However, at Corne Smith Dentistry in Newlands Cape Town, we believe that the more you know about your first dental visit, the less anxious you will feel. Therefore, we have dedicated this article to help you understand what to expect during your first dental visit at our practice.

In order to make our patients feel comfortable, we welcome you in a friendly and relaxed environment at our dental practice. On arrival, you will be handed an iPad to fill out a patient form, if you had not done so already on our website. The next step is your consultation with Dr Smith and you are guaranteed 45 minutes to an hour of her undivided attention.

A Full Examination

We will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth, also using an intra-oral camera which allows you to see exactly what Dr Smith sees and taking part in your examination. She will be looking at your mouth as a whole to get the full picture of any dental problems you may have. This helps to maintain good oral health and to prevent problems from becoming serious, by identifying and treating them sooner rather than later.


At Corne Smith Dentistry, we use modern digital dental x-ray’s that emit virtually no radiation. Every first time full examination includes 2 X-rays of your teeth. X-rays assist in diagnosing problems otherwise unnoticed, such as cavities in between your teeth or under a filling, damage to jawbones, impacted teeth or abscesses which then provides us with a more accurate way to determine a treatment plan and estimated costs.

Results and advice

When your dental exam is complete, Dr Smith will provide you with the full diagnostic results. The priorities are normally done on a time scale from which treatments are urgent to those less urgent and which can be done at a later stage. Dr Smith is not a one-tooth dentist as she believes in treating the whole mouth holistically for great future oral and dental health. Dependant on your individual dental needs and the chosen dental procedures, a more in-depth consult will follow and can include extra-oral pictures of the face and smile, impressions for study models, analysis and wax-up to determine the way your upper and lower teeth interact with each other.

Future appointments

The final step of the routine dental check-up is scheduling your next appointment. Although it is recommended to visit a dentist once every six months, scheduling your next appointment right away is the most efficient way to ensure that you don’t forget to have your dental check-ups on a regular basis. Even if you are diligent in your personal dental care, there is no better protection against oral issues than having your mouth professionally cleaned and monitored.

To ensure that your oral health remains in the best condition, contact your dentist in Claremont; Corne Smith Dentistry today.