What is the significance of healthy lifestyle awareness?

The Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Campaign is to educate the country on healthy living, physical activity and wellness – mental and physical.

It is a fact that to prevent diseases, curb the elements of stress and enhance overall wellbeing a healthy lifestyle is mandatory. However, the current living in all parts of the world is so high paced and overly pressurized that finding time for you is almost near to impossible. In order to find ways to a healthy balanced life, this month is celebrated with an entire focus on health and wellbeing.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

It is important to know and educate yourself about the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Many products and organizations claim to possess the knowledge and ability to provide you with a healthy lifestyle, but the fact is that these expensive services or products cannot be relied upon. They are merely more commercial than helpful. This is why one must know what exactly a healthy lifestyle is.

Some of the essentials of a healthy lifestyle are the following:

  • Healthy, nutritious diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Avoidance of toxins and stimulants like cigarettes or alcohol
  • Sound sleep
  • Regular check-ups


A lot of people get scared when they see the long list of “what should be done” to stay healthy that they decide to avoid it. However, you can start off by inculcating each point gradually in your life rather than strictly following all. The Healthy Lifestyle Campaign is celebrated to enable people to focus on their healthy lifestyle activities and all the points which are missing from their lives.

Corne Smith Dentistry will be celebrating the Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Campaign by posting some helpful tips on how to get you going, so keep an eye out for your weekly post on Facebook or come to the Dental Practice in Claremont, Cape Town and we start with one smile at a time!