Tooth Extractions

When a tooth is severely decayed or damaged to a point where root canal therapy and other restorations are not enough to save a damaged tooth, the tooth will need to be extracted. Most people who require tooth extractions are reluctant to visit their dentists, because they think the procedure is painful. However, with innovations in dentistry, extractions are no longer as painful as it was in the past, thanks to sedatives and anaesthetics.

Once it is determined that you require a tooth extraction, your dentist will start the process by taking x-rays of your mouth. This allows the dentist to carefully plan the removal of the damaged tooth. You will then receive an injectable anaesthetic to numb the area around the tooth before the extraction.

There are two types of tooth extractions: simple and surgical.

A simple tooth extraction is when the tooth is loosened from the bone, and carefully removed from your mouth. A surgical extraction is used for teeth below the gum line, such as wisdom teeth that had not fully emerged from the gum line. A surgical extraction requires a small incision in the gum.

You may require an antibiotic for a few days following the tooth extraction, to ensure that an infection does not develop around the area where the tooth had been removed. It is recommended that you avoid alcohol and brushing the area where the tooth was removed, as this could stunt the healing process and might cause the wound to open. If you experience swelling around your cheek, applying a cold compress to the area would be of great help to you, because this relieves any pain you might be experiencing, while also expediting the healing process.

As mentioned above, there is no need to be afraid of having your tooth or teeth extracted. Having it removed as soon as it causes discomfort, could prevent pain and infections spreading throughout your mouth. Contact us for a dentist in Cape Town.



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