The Dos and Don’ts of Braces for Children

Every child should know that once they get their braces placed, it might take a while till they get used to it. Eventually, they will forget they have braces in their mouth, but that doesn’t mean they should forget about the commitment they have to certain things for the whole duration of treatment.

Oral hygiene – Proper oral hygiene is more important than ever because of the possibility of food or plaque getting stuck between the braces and make it easier for teeth to decay and the gums to get inflamed and swollen. The orthodontist will make sure that your child knows how to take care of his teeth and braces. If there is anything that is not clear, don’t hesitate to ask the orthodontist.

Diet – Children can still eat most things while having braces but keep in mind that there are certain foods that they need to AVOID while having braces. Hard, chewy and sticky food are prohibited while having braces. During the first few days or weeks they need to stick to a soft diet.

Manage pain – They might experience pain during the first few days they get their braces, but they can easily alleviate the pain by taking regular painkillers. Press a small piece of wax on the pointy brackets to avoid irritation on the inner side of lips and cheeks.

Report breakages – If any bracket is loose try to make an appointment with the orthodontist as soon as you can so the treatment stays on track. Keep in mind that any breakages will delay the treatment duration so they need to try their best to avoid them.

It is always rewarding when positive changes are seen in teeth alignment and smile. Remind your child that it is always better to follow the orthodontist’s instructions to complete the orthodontic treatment on time with the best results as planned. For more dos and don’ts of braces, contact an orthodontist in Claremont.