Tattoo or Tattooth? What would you get?

Yes, you read right – Tattooth, we all know you can get a tattoo anywhere, your forearm, neck, back, ankle, chest, and even your face. But it seems people are getting even more creative and the new trend is tattooed teeth.

About 20 years ago The Suburban Dental Laboratory created the first tooth tattoo when a patient wanted a corvette on his tooth, however it has only been till recently that this craze for tattooed teeth became even more popular.

Who can get a Tooth Tattoo?

To get a tooth tattoo, you first need new dental crown as a tattoo cannot be applied to a healthy tooth. Dental crowns are normally only used as caps to cover damaged teeth, you will only be able to get a tattooth if you undergo a dental procedure that includes the placing of a dental crown, and therefore, not everyone can get a tattooed tooth.

Tattooed crowns provide all the normal benefits of a regular crown, with no compromise on your oral health, it simply is just another tooth – with extra artwork. 

Advantages of Tattooed Teeth

The prime advantage of a tooth tattoo is that the procedure is painless. Another important advantage is that the tattoo can easily be removed in the dentist’s office, your dentist will buff off the tattoo.

Disadvantages of Tattooed Teeth

The biggest disadvantage is the possibility of plaque build-up around the tattoo, causing an increasing chance of tooth decay.  But with good oral hygiene, this can be avoided.  Further dental tattoos sometimes get abraded with time and needs to be replaced.

This artistic medical boom is still in its primitive form and needs a lot more research and advancement, but, Corne Smith , Newlands Cape Town Dentistry would like to know what design would you get?