Predictions for dental technology trends in 2020

Patient expectations of service have increased due to dental technology that is taking over the industry. The more people invest in their oral health care and practitioners invest in their dental practices, the higher their expectations of service. While it, unfortunately, does not look like we will be saying goodbye to “fake news” and incorrect information, it has become much easier to access information via the internet recently. Patients are more informed about the advances in dentistry and what they can do for them. 

The main advantage that technology has brought to dental practices is efficiency, which saves everyone’s time and money, and higher quality. But in addition to that, more and more dental practitioners also have external marketing programs including radio, television and websites. Due to this increased public exposure, we can see all the available options for patients while good dentists get more notoriety and gain trust from communities. Dentists can now offer patients advanced choices like laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and more in one location

Some of the changes that technology will continue to bring include:

  • Cloud-based software and storage: Cloud-based storage may keep data more secure than it would be on physical files that can easily go missing. With this technology, finding patient documents and files is faster and more easily accessible for staff and more difficult for outsiders. 
  • Advanced visualization: Having advanced visualization allows for more accurate communication with the dental laboratory team and patients. Technology is helping to improve cavity detection and any health-related warning signs more easily.
  • Online patient Interaction: Having a mobile responsive website is an important consideration for all dental practices moving into 2020. A platform that allows patients to make appointments, make payments and receive updates remotely is a major game-changer.
  • 3D printing: Many major dental manufacturers are already using 3D printers, but now dental practices are able to have them on site. This increases the time spent on restorations and other cosmetic treatments. 

The best practices have caught on to these trends very early. Not only due to the positive impact that technology has brought top medical procedures and treatments, but also to increase efficiency. An increase in productivity and time-saving technologies, mean that the medical care provided for patients is of the best possible quality. Corne Smith Dentistry is dedicated to serving superior quality care through the investment in technological equipment and software programs.