How Orthodontic Treatment can change your life!

Since very few of us are blessed with a naturally beautiful smile, we are happy we can rely on modern dentistry and professional experts like Dr Corne Smith from Corne Smith Dentistry to help us achieve one.
The best option to achieve the smile, you have always dreamed of is through orthodontic treatment.
Although orthodontic treatment is generally best carried out in children, adults can also benefit from it, and more and more people are doing so. 

What is orthodontics?
The word orthodontics comes from the Greek orthos, meaning “straight, perfect or proper”, and dontos, which means “teeth”.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in treating patients with improper positioning of teeth when the mouth is closed (malocclusion), which results in an improper bite. Orthodontics, which was actually the first speciality created in the field of dentistry, also includes treating and controlling various aspects of facial growth (dentofacial orthopaedics) and the shape and development of the jaw. Orthodontics also includes cosmetic dentistry when the patient aims to improve his/her appearance.

You already know braces will straighten any overcrowding your teeth may have, but did you know braces can change your life professionally or affect other aspects of your health?

How do I benefit from orthodontic treatment?

Increased self-confidence
Let’s face it, having straighter teeth makes you feel better about yourself. You’re more likely to smile in pictures and join in conversations when you feel confident in your teeth. Studies have shown that when you feel proud of your smile, you’re more likely to experience personal and professional success.

Easier to maintain
Flossing overcrowded teeth can sometimes be impossible. There’s simply not enough space for the floss to get in between each tooth. Straight, uncrowded teeth also provide better access to every surface. Your toothbrush can reach more.

Cleaner teeth
With proper brushing techniques, straight teeth are more likely to be cleaner than crowded or gapped teeth. Crooked teeth hid little food particles your toothbrush can’t quite reach. Excessive food buildup leads to more plaque and inevitable tooth decay.

Healthier Gums
Did you know that healthy gums have been linked to living an extra seven years? In addition to having better flossing habits, orthodontic treatment helps gums fit around your teeth better. This lowers your risk of having red, swollen gums caused by crowded or gapped teeth. You’ll be healthier and happier after braces!

Fewer chips
Protruding, crowded or gapped teeth are more likely to be fractured as they simply don’t fit in your mouth properly. An uneven bite causes your teeth to wear down prematurely due to an uneven distribution of force. After your braces are removed, your teeth are less susceptible to damage from an accident.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment include a healthier mouth, a more pleasing appearance, and teeth that are more likely to last longer. Last, but for sure not the least is a better self-esteem and a better quality of life.

Visit us in Cape Town, Claremont as you can rely on the professional advice and top quality treatment from Dr Corne Smith from Corne Smith Dentistry who would offer you a customized treatment plan to achieve the smile of your dreams.