Make brushing fun

Getting children to brush their teeth can be frustrating. Many children would rather cry or scream instead of brushing their teeth. In some cases, children are completely resistant to the general idea of oral health, and their behaviour might tempt their parents to allow them to go without brushing their teeth. Explaining the importance of oral care is not merely enough to encourage children to brush their teeth, therefore we have compiled a list of four tips that can make brushing fun experience for children and parents alike.

  1. Let your child pick his or her own toothbrush. There are many cool tooth brushes out there for children. Also remember to give your child a toothbrush to play with, so that he or she could brush the teeth of their stuffed animals while you brush their teeth.
  2. Buy toothpaste in different flavours. Most children have an aversion to toothpaste because of the strong minty taste. Therefore, it is important that you buy toothpaste in other flavours, such as strawberry, watermelon or bubble gum.
  3. Brush your own teeth. Many children mimic their parents at a young age. If your child sees you brushing your teeth, chances are he or she would want to do the same.
  4. Create a song or a story that you will sing or read to your child while he or she brushes their teeth.

If everything else fails, offer your child a reward for brushing his or her teeth. The reward doesn’t have to be elaborate, it could be something as simple as a sticker after brushing or allowing them to choose a bedtime story to read. This should not be seen as a form of bribery, because adults get rewarded for making good choices too. For example: We receive a salary or wage for coming to work every day.

With some creativity and encouragement, your child might start looking forward to brushing teeth. Every child is different, so try a few techniques and see which one works best for your child.

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