How to make your veneers last longer

Many people opt for porcelain veneers to enhance the attractiveness of their teeth. Veneers that are made from high-quality porcelain are as thick as a contact lens, making this cosmetic procedure ideal for some candidates. Common conditions which could benefit from porcelain veneers include closing gaps in the teeth and disguising chips, stains, and other aesthetic flaws. Primarily, veneer treatment offers a gorgeous smile, which leads to optimal confidence.

Veneer treatment is an investment in your smile, so there is a good reason to want to maximize your results. The following tips will help you to help you enjoy your veneers for up to fifteen years.

Veneer Maintenance

  1. Take great care of your mouth, overall. Daily brushing and flossing will stop plaque buildup around the margins of the veneer jackets. If flossing is not a regular habit, consider using a water flosser for convenience and efficiency. Daily flossing also protects veneers by hindering the development of gum disease, which causes the gums to shrink away from the veneer.
  2. Always use the proper oral care instruments. Be sure to always use a non-abrasive toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush on veneers, as these can damage the porcelain and encourage bacterial buildup. 
  3. Consider getting a mouthguard. Mouthguards help to protect veneers and natural teeth during sporting activities and other potentially dangerous activities. A mouthguard is also great for individuals who clench or grind their teeth.
  4. Quit smoking. Smoking increases the risk of gum disease significantly, which causes the gums to recede away from both veneers and your natural teeth. Smoking also causes the ridges of veneers, where adhesive is situated, to discolour.
  5. See your dentist regularly. Dental visits are essential for overall oral health and also for the care of veneers. We assess the integrity of veneers during routine checkups, and cleanings complement the oral care routine kept at home.

Porcelain veneers provide the necessary cosmetic enhancement to bring out the best in your smile. Learn more about this treatment and how to maintain veneers when you visit our office.