Don’t let TMJ be a pain in the neck

TMJ is usually associated with the mouth, but symptoms are likely to present in other areas as well. The symptoms of TMJ can range from jaw clicking to migraine headaches, ear pain, jaw locking, and more. If you have TMJ symptoms and you also have pain in the back and neck, they could be related.

The connection between TMJ, Back Pain and Neck Pain

Jaw alignment can have a a great impact on a variety of the body’s systems. Your jaw connects directly to your neck, which connects to your back, so if your jaw alignment is out, it could lead to significant pain in other areas as well.

Stress is a significant factor in TMJ. TMJ pain is usually much worse when you’re tense and under pressure. That tension radiates to the neck, shoulders, and upper back as well as cause headaches. TMJ treatments can help with stress and your overall alignment, which will relieve the pain in the back and neck.

If you have some unexplainable pain in the upper body, accompanied by TMJ symptoms, like jaw clicking, locking, migraines, etc., then your TMJ could be causing your other pain too.

If you suffer from TMJ, treatment could alleviate the pressure and tension throughout your upper body. Make an appointment at Corne Smith Dentistry and find out what your treatment options are.