Don’t let “Going Back to Work” be a Bummer!

You finally took a break from work and went on a well-deserved vacation. Days or weeks of relaxation, foreign foods, and a comfy hotel bed have you wishing that it would never end. But, going back to work is inevitable. That thought alone makes your tired all over again!

No one wants to think about emails, deadlines, and managing finances or meetings after an amazing holiday. However, it can’t be avoided, so to avoid a mental burnout on the first day back, we have a few tips and tricks that will ease you back into the work routine.

Get an Early Start

If you want to ease back into work, you’ve got to prepare. So go to be a bit earlier, get up a bit earlier so you can be at work a little earlier. That will mitigate the workload avalanche and give you a head start.

Don’t Overload your First Day back

Don’t schedule a ton of meetings and deadlines during your first day back. That’ll just leave you feeling overwhelmed and behind on your work.

Ideally, try and keep your first day back schedule-free from any meetings or appointments, it as open as possible so that you have the entire day free to catch up and not feel overwhelmed.

If you’re facing an avalanche of work, try prioritising your tasks. Handle emergencies first. Decide what’s most important to your job, your boss, and your project list. Look at the big picture, not what comes to you sequentially. Learn to say ‘no’ to low priority items hurled your way.

Touch base with your Team and Customers

Now that you’re back, it’s a good idea to touch base with your boss and co-workers to let them know what you’re working on, keep these interactions brief and relatively cursory. Connect with your best clients, take the time to connect with one or two clients to let them know they’re top of mind with you and that you’re back if they need anything.

Practice Good Self Care

Vacations themselves can sometimes be stressful, and even if you had a perfectly relaxing time, the transition back to regular life could feel tough. Take care of yourself to ensure you have the energy and enthusiasm to do your job well. Prioritize getting eight hours of sleep per night, drinking plenty of water throughout the day, exercising, and eating healthily.

You might be tempted to work yourself into the ground after your vacation. After all, you’ve had your time to relax. Now, you’ve got to put your nose to the grindstone. But this approach will probably end up backfiring, so instead, take breaks, stretch, and eat well during the day.

Stay Focused

There’s bound to be a bunch of distractions waiting for you back at the office, so don’t waste time chatting or scrolling through the news. Try to focus on your work.  We advise against showing off all your vacation photos unless you’re at lunch and your close confidantes have asked.

Think Back to your Time Off and Plan your next Holiday

Instead of feeling blue about being back and work, look back on your fondest memories from your vacation with gratitude. “Try to extend the state of bliss you achieved while gone as best you can,” this will also create a more positive attitude at work. Planning your next vacation is also another way to motivate your emotional state, so don’t feel bad to find your next travel location.

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