Don’t fall victim to a bad teeth whitening job, get the real deal

There are very cheap to very expensive teeth whitening treatments on the market that claim to work, but fixing a lousy job can set you back big time. There are many teeth whitening products. From toothpaste, natural solutions to full kits. Some of the DIY solutions we can find online with a simple search have proven to be harmful. How do you know the one you have is safe to use and will give you results that you desire?  

Many of the at-home-use kits that are available over the counter produce one of three results; they cause natural tooth enamel damage, do not make any significant change that most of us desire or both. Everyday people do not have information on the formula that goes into these bleaching kits. If the active gel agent is too strong, it can lead to permanent damage. If you overuse the product, you may experience some side effects including tooth sensitivity, irritated gums and even other oral tissue irritation besides gums.

When there are no instructions on how much of the product to use, how often and for how long, we are left to make conclusions without the professional assistance of a qualified dental practitioner. Excessive use causes damage and painful sensitivity to your teeth. You may also find white spots on your gums, a bad case of teeth whitening gone wrong. Dentists like Dr Corne Smith are trained to ensure that people undergo dental treatments under supervision to avoid health problems.

While teeth whitening is considered safe and is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments, it’s not always safe to conduct this treatment without expert approval. Teeth need to have a natural white colour with a slight sheen to them for the perfect white, a colour that suits your skin tone and natural hair. This consideration is part of what creates a uniquely pearly white ideal smile.

The most frequently performed and quickest cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening. So you do not have to worry about taking a day off to visit the dentist. You can book an appointment the same way you would for a routine dental check-up. Once you have your assessments and discuss the best solution for you, you may be given a prescription with a precise treatment plan so that you have a lovely experience that is free from unnecessary health risks. 

Avoid that unnatural paperwhite look by seeking expert help. For all your cosmetic dental needs, including superior quality and professional teeth whitening, contact Corne Smith Dentistry today