Digital Smile Design

For many dental patients, having a mouth free of biological and functional problems is no longer enough. They now desire beautiful smiles which are integrated with their physical appearance and their emotional aspects as well. In order to help patients achieve this goal, Corne Smith Claremont Dentistry went beyond the boundaries of traditional dentistry to acquire a new participant in their modern interdisciplinary team: the Digital Smile Design.

The Digital Smile Design is a multipurpose conceptual dental treatment tool. In cosmetic dentistry, the Digital Smile Design is used to strengthen diagnostic vision and enhance predictability throughout the treatment process. Discovered by a Brazilian dentist in 2007, the concept of the Digital Smile Design is based on analysing a patient’s facial and dental proportions using digital videos and high-quality photographs, in order to determine the relationship of the teeth, gums, smile, lips and facial features in motion and emotion. When all the information have been gathered, it is transferred to a computer, followed by image calibration using a digital ruler. The images are then manipulated to redesign the smile. Only once the smile design has been customised, and fulfils the patient’s desire, will a mock-up of the end result be created. The mock-up allows patients to experience their new aesthetical, functional and emotional smile, thus increasing their confidence in the process and acceptance of the proposed treatment.

In a nutshell, the Digital Smile Design works in a four step process:

Step 1 – Digital Smile Design

Digital photography, videos and computer imaging software is used to create the perfect smile, by moving teeth into the most aesthetic and functional position for each patient.

Step 2 – Dental Wax Up

The imaging will be transformed into a 3D model that patients may pick up and examine.

Step 3 – Dental Mock Up

A mock-up is made from the 3D model which is then placed into the mouth of the patient. This process will confirm that the aesthetic design is in harmony with the face. This step also allows us to choose the most minimally invasive techniques to achieve the patient’s desired results.

Step 4 – Final Treatment

The final step is when the patient receives his or her desired new smile with long lasting results.

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