Crowns, bridges or implants: which should you choose?

Oral care is something that not only impacts our health but our livelihood. Yet, it can be challenging to determine the best care when so many treatment options are available. Knowing the best restoration method for your specific needs is the first step in vastly improving the quality of your oral health.

Modern dentistry has made us spoiled for choice when determining the best ways to improve our oral health. Whether you have missing teeth, discolouration, chips or want to improve your smile, there are numerous options for achieving your desired smile. 

Dental crowns, dental bridges, and dental implants are three of the most common treatments available for improving your teeth’ health, quality, and appearance. Unsure which option is best for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns offer a versatile solution for protecting and improving damaged teeth. Essentially, crowns are small caps made of either porcelain, resin, metal, or ceramic placed on top of the tooth. 

Before receiving a crown, your dentist will file down the tooth, X-Ray your mouth and then take impressions of the tooth receiving the crown and the surrounding teeth. These impressions will be used to create a perfect fit for your mouth. It’s for this reason that dental crowns are so versatile and efficient. 

At Smith and Van Lierop, we offer a particularly unique service to our crown patients. Avoid the delay of waiting for your crowns to be made – we can take impressions of your teeth and create the crowns with world-class technology in our onsite lab. Find out more here

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are prosthetic teeth suspended between crowns, not to be mistaken with actual dental crowns. They typically appear in a group of two or three and act as connectors to fill the gap between crowns.

The false teeth will be cemented to a crown on either side, therefore ensuring that the teeth remain in place. This solution is ideal for patients missing a few teeth looking to fill a gap. The teeth will function normally, allowing you to bite, chew, talk and smile as you usually would.

Dental bridges were the only option available as a permanent replacement for teeth. Today, they are still a cost-effective and suitable option; however, they require more upkeep than implants.

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a lasting solution to missing teeth. They are the closest option that you will find to natural teeth, which makes them perfect for missing teeth or damaged teeth that need to be removed.

Rather than attach to an existing tooth, implants contain a titanium screw-like structure inserted into your jaw through a surgical procedure. Thus, they are incredibly durable, and although the process is more invasive than most, you will only have to complete the procedure once. 

Discover more about our dental implant services at Smith and Van Lierop here

What’s the verdict?

Both dental crowns and dental bridges offer affordable solutions to improve the appearance and function of teeth. However, they are not immune to wear and tear and may need to be replaced or fixed over time and therefore offer less permanent solutions. 

Dental implants require a pricy and extensive procedure but provide a long-term fix that allows you to continue living your life without the hassle of your teeth potentially breaking down.

Still unsure about which path you should take? The team at Smith and Van Lierop in Cape Town are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. So enquire or schedule an appointment with us, and we will accompany you every step of the way.