Crazy, Fun, Painless Ways to pull your children’s Teeth

So, it is that time in your child’s life where they are about to meet the tooth fairy for the first time and as exciting as it may be, it will most probably be a little scary too.

The process will start with checking the wiggliness of the tooth to see where you stand on the tooth losing scale. It’s almost like waiting for someone to go into labor…

Then, you will be trying to figure out how to convince your child to pull the tooth when it reaches the appropriate level of looseness.

Keeping the extraction process as “light” as possible, here are 5 fun ideas to pull a tooth:

  1. The High Flying Dentist

Attach the tooth to either a remote controlled airplane or to any toy airplane and get your child to “lift-off”. Make sure to keep an eye on that tooth while it’s flying high.  See video here.

  1. Its Doggy Playtime

Get your child to play fetch with your fur baby, attach the tooth to your dog’s ball, go outside and let playtime begin, this also distracts attention from the tooth. See video here.

  1. Start-up the Motorcycle!

It might seem a bit extreme, but if your child loves this adult toy, why not! A spin on a motorcycle always gets them excited, so it helps with deferring the attention somewhere else.

See video here.

  1. Let your child be in charge of the Remote

Most kids have a remote control car, why not let them take the wheel and race off to get that tooth out. See video here.

  1. Target Practice – Bow and Arrow

Whether your child will be at the next Olympic Games for archery or whether they are just huge Robin Hood fans, why not try this out, see video here.

But, why not get creative, if you have pulled a tooth in a wacky weird way, why not comment on Facebook.

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