Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make You Appear Younger

A bright, radiant smile can bring a youthful look to anyone’s face, but what happens when that smile reveals a set of teeth that have been worn down over the years? Although sticking to a hygienist-approved oral care regime is hugely beneficial, the signs of aging will sadly appear, which is why many patients are taking advantage of the anti-aging properties of cosmetic dentistry.

When you think of the worst thing that could happen to your teeth, you might picture yellow, crooked teeth with receding gums – or a mouth filled with gaps where teeth once were. The only way to avoid this worst-case scenario is by taking charge of your teeth today.

Three primary factors hinder a youthful smile:

Dull or discoloured teeth

Tooth whitening, usually done as a combination of treatments by your dentist, can restore brightness and brilliance to your smile.

Crooked teeth

Consulting an orthodontist about teeth straightening can reverse the shift of teeth that has occurred. Orthodontic appliances will also help to improve your gum health, because you will be able to keep your teeth and gums clean more efficiently, dramatically reducing the risk of decay.

Receding gum line

A receding gum line is possibly the most aging feature of all. Gum recession can be caused by poor oral hygiene that leads to inflammation of the gums. The inevitable result of gum recession is tooth loss. However, this could be avoided with a gum graft done by a periodontist.

To return to a more youthful you, contact a dentist in Cape Town who has enough experience with complex mouth reconstruction to help remove any unnecessary aging factors that may be obstructing your youthful smile.