Corne Smith Paediatric Dentistry

When visiting Corne Smith Dentistry, you and your family are guaranteed to receive three things: the best quality of dentistry from skilled dentists, a lifetime of healthy smiles, and an inviting child-friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to all. Sure, these are all essential, but the third thing we’ve mentioned is of particular importance when your child is the one who will be seeing the dentist.

There is a difference between adult and paediatric dentistry. Even though most dentists will gladly treat children, not all dental practices offer the environment and persona that children are most comfortable with. At Corne Smith Dentistry and paediatric dentistry in Claremont, our expert staff provides family dentistry that will put your child at ease.

What sets us apart from other dental practices are our staff and our skills.

Our Staff

The staff at Corne Smith Dentistry has a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with children in a child-friendly dental practice. Our staff members are pleasant, inviting, and know how to communicate to children when educating them about maintaining a healthy smile, without sounding scary or coming across as overwhelming. Your child will immediately feel more comfortable with us.

Our Skills

Paediatric dentistry emphasises the prevention of oral diseases through early intervention. Paediatric dental care includes the restoration of teeth and replacement of teeth, management of soft and hard tissue pathology, vital and non-vital pulpal tissues, traumatised primary and permanent teeth and the developing occlusion. At Corne Smith Dentistry, we have a myriad of techniques to manage the anxiety and behaviour of our young patients, ensuring that your child is in great hands.

If you are thinking about scheduling your child’s first (or tenth) dental visit, don’t go to just any dental practice. Choose Corne Smith Dentistry – a dentist in Claremont – that offers complete family dentistry to ensure that your child is comfortable, happy and fearless.