[ BE YOU ] Express Yourself – The new toothpaste for each mood!

[ BE YOU ] changes things up a little, make brushing fun again and lets you choose your flavour for your mood.

Brushing your teeth has never been this exciting, healthy or tasty! From the creators who brought you the funky Black is White toothpaste, Curaprox has decided to add a little colour to your daily brushing routine with their new range, [ BE YOU ].

With six sophisticated flavours to compliment your daily mood, makes your smile look whiter and menthol pops for longer fresher breath, this is a great all-in-one oral care solution.

Not only does it look cool and sexy, but it also comes with a list of benefits with each brush.

Facts about [ BE YOU ] toothpaste:

Power Beads:

These are packed with methol for extra long lasting freshness and a touch of silica for gentle cleaning.

Healthy Herbs:

Vitamin B5, echinacea, bitter orange, devils claw and Indian pennywort help generate mucous membranes and gums, it reduces inflammation and tackles harmful bacteria.

The toothpaste:

Contains fluoride, hydroxylapatite, glucose oxidase and xylitol, this helps to prevent the growth of cavity-causing bacteria and xylitol can actually strengthens dental enamel.

There is also no Triclosan, SLS or any Micro-plastic.

Looks Whiter:

This is not a whitening toothpaste, however, it contains Prestige Sparkling Blue® – this reflects blue light causing the instant visual perception of whiter teeth.

So, what are the six exciting flavours to choose from:

  • Grapefruit & Bergamot
  • Peach & Apricot
  • Gin & Tonic with Persimmon (this is non-alcoholic)
  • Watermelon
  • Blackberry & Licorice
  • Apple & Aloe

If you feel the need to add some flavour and colour to your life, why not try [ BE YOU ]!

 At Corne Smith Dentistry in Cape Town, Claremont you can buy a travel pack, this contains 10ml tubes with all six flavours, and it comes with a Curaprox toothbrush too!

Try it – Taste it – Love it!