Why it’s important to prioritise a back-to-school dental check-up

Before the school year gets underway, it’s essential to have your little one’s oral health checked by a dental professional with a back-to-school dental check-up. Not only does it prioritise your child’s health, but it allows them to go through the school year with confidence. 

The benefits of back-to-school check-ups

Scheduling your child’s dental appointment before the school year allows your dentist to pick up on any issues early so they can be addressed before the school year. In addition, children are much more prone to dental issues such as tooth decay and carries, so it’s essential to prioritise their dental checks. And besides, you don’t want your little one or teen to endure the school year with dental concerns.

Other benefits of a beginning-of-the-year oral health check include:

  • Assessing the growth of your child’s teeth
  • Looking out for orthodontic concerns
  • Advising you and your child on how to care for their oral health
  • Helping your child get used to the dental process

It’s also a great time to ask your dentist questions about looking after your child’s oral health, such as how they should brush their teeth at their age.

What happens during your child’s dental check-up

A dental check-up at Smith and Van Lierop Dentistry includes a friendly welcome and gentle assessment of your child’s oral health. One of our dedicated dentists will take several X-rays and dental photographs of your child’s mouth and teeth. This allows us to check the growth of the teeth and the jaw and if there are any signs of decay.

The dentist will review your child’s results and provide feedback on oral care tips. We also recommend including a gentle cleaning with your child’s check-up to ensure their teeth are free of plaque and fresh for the school year. 

How to prepare your child for their dental check-up

It’s just as important to prepare your child for their dental check-up as it is to schedule it. Children who see dentists regularly from a young age benefit greatly and have much less dental anxiety. At Smith and Van Lierop Dentistry, we pride ourselves on providing welcoming and fun dental experiences for our young patients, but we advise parents to prepare their children with these tips:

1. Schedule your appointment in advance and plan ahead.

Make sure you plan enough time for your appointment and schedule it when your child is relaxed and stress-free. Avoid planning end-of-day appointments when your child has had a busy day. 

2. Start a conversation with your little one about their appointment.

If your child is new to the dentist or has some dental anxiety, ensure you prepare them for their appointment and talk about the benefits of seeing the dentist. Aim to put their mind at ease and help them see the importance of their visit. You can even reward them with a small treat or toy after the procedure.

3. Have your child eat a snack before their appointment.

No one likes being hungry, and it can make your child even more grumpy about having to sit through a dental appointment on an empty stomach. So let them have a snack before their appointment, ensuring they brush their teeth afterwards so they can be at ease during their check-up. It’s even more vital for them to eat if they are having a cleaning, as they won’t be allowed to eat for 30 minutes after their appointment.

At Smith and Van Lierop Dentistry, we provide comprehensive dental care for little ones of all ages, including orthodontic treatment. Contact us to set up your child’s dental appointment today.