5 Things That Help in Dental Emergencies

Our teeth deal with a lot of stress when we’re out and about. Rugby games, braai’s, rogue popcorn kernels. It’s a rough life. Usually, our teeth are healthy enough (or we’re lucky enough) not to suffer any significant problems.

However, accidents do happen. And fortune favours the prepared, so here are some great tips for defending yourself against unforeseen dental emergencies.

Prevent Emergencies by:

  • Wearing a mouthguard during sports;
  • Taking good, regular care of your teeth and gums;
  • Keeping your routinely scheduled appointments to check on your teeth and restorative dental work.

Here Are Five Items To Keep On Hand

Keep these five items in a little dental emergency kit that you can keep on hand, at home, in your car, and while you’re travelling.

Painkillers: An all-natural topical painkiller that many people find useful is clove oil. Remember, NEVER put aspirin ON the tooth.

Orthodontic wax: It’s handy – even if you don’t have braces. In case of a lost filling, you can use wax to cap the gap until you can get it repaired.

Floss: This is handy if something irritating gets wedged between teeth.

Gauze: In case of a lost or loose tooth, you can put the tooth back in place, and bite down on some gauze to keep it there until you can see a dentist.

Our contact information: Be ready to contact us. If you’re away on vacation, we can give you some professional advice and try to refer you to someone nearby.

Are You Going On A Vacation This Spring?

If it’s time for your check-up, visit us before your trip. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than dental trauma. Pack your emergency dental kit, and then keep it on you when you get back from vacation. You never know when you’ll need it!