5 Main reasons for a regular Dental Visit

One of the biggest phobias among adults involves a regular dental visit. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about – we’re all afraid of something at one point. Dr. Corne Smith says, that dentistry has come a long way from the ‘barbaric’ methods back in the day, and if visited regularly, your dentist can eventually end up being one of your best friends. So the next time you’re dreading coming in for an appointment think about these five reasons why you should be looking forward to it.

A cavity, where’d you come from?!

Cavities happen, almost to everyone at some point in their life. But, if you’re regularly visiting your dentist it can be caught in the early stages and the damage will be very minimal. Leave it to a dentist to find the tiny cavities that are just starting out rather than waiting for a toothache or worse, a root canal. Filling a cavity while it’s still small is the best method of maintenance tooth care. Of course, you can continue to brush and floss to prevent any growth but if you’re not on top of it, chances are your tooth will continue to decay.

Cosmetic Surgery Isn’t Just Botox

Wrinkles, crow’s feet, double chins, droopy eyelids –the reasons people seek out cosmetic solutions for graceful aging. But if that shining smile isn’t quite so shiny anymore, cosmetic dentistry can help you in looking ten years younger by simply altering your pearly whites. This can be as simple as teeth whitening but can even extend to dental implants, porcelain veneers, and/or ceramic crowns. And even if you’re not sure how to improve your smile, a dentist will be more than happy to explain your options.

In the Know – Improve your Dental IQ

A dentist has the knowledge and the tools to clean your teeth better than most people can do at home. So instead of being afraid, this is the perfect time to ask questions and pick apart a brain that sees hundreds of teeth per day. And afterwards when your dentist is chatting about what it is you need to do to fix any problems you may be having, make sure you keep both ears opened! Preventive care is the only way to stop those problems from returning and recurring.

Dental Therapy?

No, not the kind that will help you with your fear of dentists. I’m talking about gum therapy. Yes, these days even our gums need a little therapy now and then to stay healthy. And your favourite dentist knows all there is to know about your gums, and can help you with any gum disease or loss of tissue you may be experiencing. Your gums are in charge of keeping your teeth in place and without the proper care, you’ll need to visit the dentist much more often.

Get a Confidence Boost

Your smile is a part of who you are. It’s usually the first thing a person notices about you and if your pearly whites aren’t up to par, your self-confidence may be lacking.

This is what people notice first:

47% Smile

31% Eyes

11% Smell

7% Clothes

4% Hair

Landing yourself in a dentist’s chair should be thought of as an instant boost in your self-esteem. And unlike simply changing your hair, your appointment also effects your overall health and wellbeing. Two birds, one stone. A dentist is your teeth’s best friend!

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